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​Singapore r​esearchers evaluate durability of 4D printed parts

Published on: 28-Apr-2017

Researchers from Singapore have investigated the durability of 4D printed structures. 4D printing, opposed to 3D, is a term that relates to objects that can adapt over time once they have been 3D printed. The structures rely on shape memory polymers which are able to transform into a certain shape.

3D Printing Industry has reported on the potential of 4D printed structures recently with a separate study also from Singapore. In this case, researchers showcased the simplicity of fabrication and the application of 4D printed objects.

​However, in a new study stemming from Nanyang Technological University​, researchers evaluate the performance of these structures since, as they explain, “high shape fixity, shape recovery, and prolonged shape memory cycle life are desirable aspects of 4D printed parts; however, the durability of 4D printed parts is rarely investigated.”​

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