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​NTU 3D-prints greener 'concrete'

Published on: 04-Sep-2017

Though highly environmentally unfriendly, concrete is a widely used material in construction. Researchers from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have invented a new material that could help reduce the construction industry's carbon footprint. The components of the new 3D-printed material include recycled by-products such as fly ash, steel slag and some chemicals, the identity of which is a trade secret. This material is as strong as plain concrete, but researchers are looking at how it can be strengthened to be a suitable alternative for reinforced concrete. While new materials often cost more at first, this problem is likely to ease with growing demand and economies of scale.

Media Report:

- The Straits Times, 2 Sep 2017

- The Straits Times online, 2 Sep 2017 

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