Outreach Events

As part of SC3DP’s initiatives to increase awareness of additive manufacturing, SC3DP hosts and participates in outreach events, such as seminars, conferences, and exhibitions, to share the latest research developments in additive manufacturing. 

For Industry and Market Leaders keen to pursue collaborative projects in 3D printing, please write in to Mr Shum Chee Wai (cheewai.shum@ntu.edu.sg) for Industry Visits.

SC3DP Industry Seminars

Presented by SC3DP’s strong network of Visiting Professors from various universities around the world, SC3DP Industry Seminars are open to aspiring AM engineers in NTU and in the industry alike.​ ​

​Date​ ​Presenter ​Title
​20 Jun 2019 ​Dr. Christian Leinenbach ​

Alloy Design for Additive Manufacturing - From Fundamental Rapid Solidification Tests to 3D-printed Parts

​14 Mar 2019 Professor Ming C. Leu​ ​Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics: Technologies, Applications and Opportunities
8 May 2018​ Professor Wei Sun Recent Advances in 3D Bioprinting
​9 May 2018 Professor Boris Chichkov Laser printing of biomaterials, nanoparticles, and living cells 
​10 May 2018 ​Professor Alexander Michaelis ​Advanced Ceramics for Additive Manufacturing 
​11 May 2018 ​Professor Richard Hague ​Enabling Next Generation Additive Manufacturing: The 3D Deposition of Functional Materials for the Additive Manufacturing of Smart Devices
​23 May 2018 ​Professor Ming C. Leu ​Additive Manufacturing: Technologies, Markets, Applications and Opportunities​
​28 May 2018 ​Professor John Lewandowski ​Location-and Orientation-dependent Properties in Metallic AM Materials and Structures
​6 June 2018 Professor John Lewandowski​ ​Environmental Effects on Mechanical Reliability of Al-MgXXX Alloys Used in Naval and Defence Applications

Events Highlights​

King Abdullah II of Jordan Visit (June 2019)

  • His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan visited NTU on 20 June 2019.
  • SC3DP showcased the 3D printed Pre-Fabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU), 3D printing technologies such as bioprinting, and the translation of these advanced technologies for industrial applications.​

Prime Minister of India Visit (June 2018)​

  • NTU welcomed the Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Narendra Modi, on 1 June 2018.
  • SC3DP was part of NTUs innovations exhibition for His Excellency Modis visit, featuring a 3D printed concrete toilet and 3D printed electronics.​ 

Third International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (PRO-AM 2018)​

  • PRO-AM 2018 was held in Singapore, from 14 to 17 May 2018.
  • The conference attracted more than 150 participants from over 20 countries, with 11 keynote speakers and 12 exhibitors.