Past Events

SC3DP Industry Seminars 
​Date ​Presenter ​Title
​24 March 2015 ​Professor David W. Rosen ​Heterogenous (Geometry + Materials) Modeling for Design for Additive Manufacturing
​10 April 2015 ​Professor Yang Shoufeng ​The next generation of additive manufacturing: Multiple Materials
​14 May 2015 Professor John Lewandowski​ ​Overview of Case Western Reserve University and Case School of Engineering Efforts in Advanced Manufacturing and Additive manufacturing
​21 May 2015 ​Professor John Lewandowski​ ​Additive Manufacturing Research at Case Western Reserve University
​9 July 2015 ​Professor David Rosen ​Modelling, Sensing and Controlling high Precision Stereolithography
​20 July 2015 ​Professor David Bourell ​Research in Laser Sintering
​26 August 2015 ​Professor Yang Shoufeng ​the application of multiple materials additive manufacturing on optical fibre preform fabrication challenges and perspective
​29 September 2015 ​Professor Shlomo Magdassi ​Nanomaterials for functional and 3D printing
​14 October 2015 ​Professor Frank Alexis ​Safely Integrating Nanotechnologies with tissue engineering
​5 November 2015 ​Professor Paulo J.M. Monteiro ​Can 3D Printing help the energy efficiency in buildings?