Our People




Dr. Benjamin Ho Chee Meng

Clarrisa Choong Yu Ying 
Email: ClarrisaChoong@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: 3D printing of shape memory polymers via sterolithography process

Dr. Denise Loh Loong Ee

Dr. Kenny Hu Kan

Email: KHU001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Additive 3D lithography for manufacturing soft polymeric microstructures

Dr. Kok Yi Hong

Email: KOKY0006@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Study on the anisotropy and heterogeneirt of microstructure and mechanical properties in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V parts by selective electron beam melting

Dr. Lee Jia Min
Email: jm.lee@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Directed cell alignment via extrusion-based 3D bioprinting for cardiac tissue engineering

Dr. Lee Jian Yuan

​Dr. Lee Tsung Han

Email: M130151@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis Title: Modification of Nanoporus Silver Cathode with Enhanced Performance and Thermal Stablilty for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells by Additive Manufacturing​

Dr. Li Hui Jun

Email: lihuijun@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Study of hydrogels for 3D printing of constructs with strong interfacial bonding

Dr. Liu Kang Yu
Email: KLIU004@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis Title: Improving the Thermal Stability of Nanoporous Metal Electrode Thin Film for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Dr. Ng Wei Long
Email: NG0138NG@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Development of pigmented human skin constructs via 3D  drop-on-demand bioprinting

Dr. Ratima Suntornnond

Email: RATIMA001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Development of novel hydrogel composites for bioprinting and engineering of thick tissues

Dr. Sing Swee Leong

Dr. Tan Wen See
Email: TANW0219@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis Title: 3D printing of feed channel spacers for spiral wound membrane module​​

Dr. Tan Yu Jun

Dr. Teoh Ee Mei Joanne

Email: TEOH0090@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis Title: 4D printing of polymer-based smart structures by thermal activation

Dr. Yap Chor Yen

Dr. Yao Xi Ling

Dr. Yuan Shang Qin
Email: SQYuan@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis Title: Development and optimization of selective laser sintered-composites and structures for functional applications

Dr. Du Zhenglin

Email: ZDU003@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis Title: Aluminium alloys and nanocomposites manfactured via friction stirring and 3D printing processes

Dr. Aphinyan Suphanat

Email: SUPHANAT001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis Title: Numerical characterization of nano-droplet formation in 3D nano-inkjet printing


 Ahmad Bin Anwar

Email: AHMADBIN001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Large scale metal-based additive manufacturing: study of the effects and removal of spatter by theinert gas flow


Gan Ming Xuan

Email: MGAN002@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Developing process for selective laser melting of lithium aluminosilicate glass ceramic


Gautam Rinoj

Email: RINOJ001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Performance of additively manufactured kagome unit cells and its sandwich structures


Tan Hong Yi, Kenneth
Thesis title: Fabrication of metal and oxide with porous features by selective laser melting ​


 Khoo Zhong Xun

Email: ZKHOO001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: 3D printing of shape memory alloy-based smart structures​


Li Hui Jun
Email: lihuijun@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: Study of 3D hydrogels for 3D printing of constructs with strong interfacial bonding

Milan Shrestha

Email: MILAN001@ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Smart window for tuning transparency and noise absorption

Pham Minh Tuan

Email: PHAMMINH001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Design and 3D printing of compliant machines

Shukri Bin Abdul Jalil

Email: SHUK0001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Optimization of 3D printable cellular array structures for cushioning

Vo Xuan Quoc

Email: VOXUANQU001@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Contact line dynamics of droplets under electrowetting action​

Wong Kin Keong

Email: KWONG016@e.ntu.edu.sg

Thesis title: Study of heat transfer enhancement surfaces generated by additive manufacturing techniques


Dr. ​
Yannapol Sriphutkiat
Email: ysriphutkiat@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: Development of acoustic nozzle for 3D printing​

Dr. ​Biranchi Panda

Email: ​BIRANCHI001@e.ntu.edu.sg 
Thesis title: 3D printing of high-volume fly ash mixtures for digital concrete construction

Dr. ​Pham Tien Hung

Email: ​PHAM0074@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: Time-optimal Motion Planning and Control​
Eric pasport foto3 a.jpg

Dr. Eric Guntur Adiwati

Email: G001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: 3-D direct printing of silicone meniscus using a novel heat-curing extrusion based silicone printer​

Goh Guo Dong
Email: guodong.goh@ntu.edu.sg 
Thesis title: Process-structure-properties of additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite

Dr. ​
Goh Guo Liang
Email: guoliang.goh@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: Aligning carbon nanotubes via aerosol jet printing for flexible electronics​
Le Dinh Truong Son.jpg 

Le Dinh Truong Son
LeKimQuy 1.jpg

​​​​Dr. Le Kim Quy
Email: LEKIMQUY001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: Computational modeling of selective laser melting process​

​​​​Dr. Lu Bing
Email: bing.lu@ntu.edu.sg ​
Thesis title: Mixture design and processing of novel spray-based cementitious materials for 3D printing​

Tay Yi Wei 1.PNG

​​Dr. Tay Yi Wei Daniel
Email: danieltay@ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: 
Large scale 3D concrete printing : process and materials properties

Dr. Weng Yiwei

Email: ywweng@ntu.edu​.sg
Thesis title: 
Development and optimization of 3D printable cementitious composites for printing applications​
Daisy Zhuang Pei 1.jpg

Dr. Daisy Zhuang Pei

Email: PZHUANG002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis title: 3D bioprinting of biomimetic skeletal muscle tissue model​