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  Research Fellows and Associates

Aakanksha Pant
Research Associate
Email: aakanksha.pant@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3
An Jia.jpg

An Jia
Senior Research Fellow
Tel: 6790 4332
Email: AnJia@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.1-B2C-03 

Chen Kewei.JPG
​Chen Ke Wei​
Research Associate
Email: kevinchen@ntu.edu.sg​​
Location: SC3DP Researchers’ Room

Choi Joonphil
Research Associate
Email: joonphil.choi@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-02-24
Goh Guo Dong
Research Fellow
Email: guodong.goh@ntu.edu.sg 
Location: Materials Lab 2

​​Goh Guo Liang
Research Fellow
Email: guoliang.goh@ntu.edu.sg
Location: Materials Lab 2

Ho Jin Yao
Research Associate
Email: jyho@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-01-02
Li Huijun.JPG Li Hui Jun
Research Fellow
Email: lihuijun@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-13
Thesis topic: Study of 3D printability of hydrogels for 3D biofabrication
Li Ming Yang.jpg
Li Mingyang
Research Fellow
Email: limingyang@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B1A-01

Lim Chew Yew Daryl
Research Associate
Email: daryl.lim@ntu.edu.sg
Location: Materials Lab 2
​​Lu Bing
Research Fellow
Email: bing.lu@ntu.edu.sg 
Location: N1
Nguyen Ngoc Vu.JPG
Nguyen Ngoc Vu
Research Fellow
Email: nvnguyen@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-13

Riccardo Tosi
Research Fellow
Email: riccardo.tosi@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2

Shen Suping
Research Fellow
Tel: 6790 6538
Email: spshen@ntu.edu.sg ​
Location: S2.2-B4-03
Sing Swee Leong.jpg Sing Swee Leong
Research Fellow
Tel: 6908 2288
Email: SLSing@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.1-B2C-03 ​
Sun Pinping.jpg
​Sun Ping Ping
Research Fellow
Email: ppsun@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-13 
Tang Chao.JPG
Tang Chao
Research Fellow
Email: tangchao@ntu.edu.sg
Location: Materials Lab 2
Tan Xi Peng.jpg
​​Tan Xipeng
Senior Research Fellow
Tel: 6790 4334
Email: XPTan@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.1-B2C-03 
Tay Yi Wei 1.PNG ​​Tay Yi Wei Daniel
Research Fellow
Tel: 6790 6123
Email: danieltay@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Large scale 3D concrete printing: process and materials properties

Wang Guangjian
Research Associate
Email: wanggj@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-02
Weng Yi Wei
Research Fellow
Tel: 6790 6123
Email: ywweng@ntu.edu​.sg
Location: N1-01c-79
William Toh.JPG
William Toh
Research Fellow
Email: williamtoh@ntu.edu.sg
Location: SC3DP Researchers’ Room

Zhang Xuan
Research Fellow
Email: xuan.zhang@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.1
​​Zhu Wei.JPG
​Zhu Wei
Research Fellow
Email: zhu.wei@ntu.edu.sg​
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Amelia Lee Yilin
Research Assistant (PhD Student)
Email: amelia.lee@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Reversible 4D printing of polymers​
Lim Jianhui 1.PNG Lim Jian Hui
Project Officer (PhD Student)
Tel: 6790 6123
Email: jianhui@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Reinforcement for 3D concrete printing

Nicholas Ng Poh Huat
Project Officer
Email: nicholasnph@ntu.edu.sg 
Location: ABN-B2A-05
Wang Jingjing 1.PNG Wang Jing Jing
Project Officer (PhD Student)
Email: wangjj@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B3A-01
Thesis topic: Optimisation of large-scale metal 3D printing process parameters for production of large dense steel parts
Yap Yee Ling.jpg
Yap Yee Ling
Project Officer (PhD Student)
Tel: 6592 7714
Location: N3-B3A-01 
Thesis topic: 3D printed fiber 
reinforced soft composite
Research Students
​​Allan Han Win Tun
Location: N1.3-B2-02
Thesis topic: Development of 3D printed flexible curved membrane for wearable devices
Allen Hum Jun Wee
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: In-process optical monitoring and correlation methods for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: 3D model reconstruction of damaged parts in an automated repair process of using 3D printing technology

Behera Rohit Pratyush
Thesis topic: Manufacturing of periodic composites
Brian Lee Zhan Rui.jpg

Brian Lee Zhan Rui
Location: N3-B3A-01
Thesis topic: Application of laser metal deposition in additive manufacturing technology to produce full internal cladding on globe valve body
Cai Xing Fang.jpg

Cai Xingfang
Location: N3.2-01-32
Thesis topic: In-process monitoring of selective laser melting using laser ultrasonic testing

Shubham1 a.jpg Chandra Shubham
Email: SHUBHAM006@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: Experimental and numerical investigation of grain growth in electron beam additive manufacturing process

Chen Chengxi
Email: CHEN1314@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Thesis topic: Parameter optimization and property evaluation of metal parts manufacturing using DED process

​​Chen Ze
Email: CHEN1301@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Thesis topic: Study on Process-Microstructure-Property Relationship for Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufactured Metals

Email: CHID0003@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Novel electrocatalysts supported on conductive 3D printed substrates for hydrogen production
Chua Zhong Yang 1.jpg Chua Zhong Yang
Email: CHUA0735@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Novel inspection and monitoring systems for metal additive manufacturing process

​​Chua Zongdi Sunshine Jr
Email: CH0002JR@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis topic: 3D multi-metal printing and simulation

Dee Pei Fang
Email: DEEP0022@e.ntu.edu.sg 
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of bone-like composites
Ding Shi Run
Email: SHIRUN001@e.ntu.edu.sg
CAE Research Room 2

Eddie Tan Zhi'en
Email: EDDI0002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B3A-01
Thesis topic: Direct metal deposition materials-process-performance characterization studies
Tan Yong Sheng Edgar.jpg
Edgar Tan Yong Sheng
Email: TA0002AR@e.ntu.edu.sg
Thesis topic: Development of RPE complex as tissue model via bioprinting
Enea Sacco 1.jpg ​​Enea Sacco
Email: SACC0001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: A predictive failure analytic method for 3D printed components using a Stochastic Markov Model
Huang Dejun.JPG
Huang DeJun
Email: DHUANG006@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B3A-01
Thesis topic: Influence of powder recycling system on properties of recycled metal powders and its correlation with the mechanical properties of additively manufactured parts
Huang Sheng
Email: SHENG007@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-10
Thesis topic: High performance 3D metal printing

Hyunwoong Ko
Location: HW1-01-05
Thesis topic: Design for additive manufacturing in mass customization and personalization

​Jiao Jiannan
Email: M160018@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: High-precision measurement of optical/plasmonic additive manufactured structures using frequency-comb
Jing Wei 1.jpg ​Jing Wei
Email: JING0011@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Modelling of grain morphology of electron beam melting process
Joel Lim Choon Wee
Email: joellim@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.1-B2C-03
Thesis topic: Simulation of laser deposition welding
Keith's Passport Photo a.jpg Keith Nguyen Wei Liang
Email: WEILIANG001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: 3D scanning, geometry retrieval and 3D printing for repair and re-engineering

Koh Zhi Hui
Email: KOHZ0024@e.ntu.edu.sg​
Thesis topic: Investigation on the multi-jet fusion process

Koo Jing Wee
Email: JINGWEE001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: NEWRI
Thesis topic: Membrane fouling control by 3D-printed flow promoters
Lao Wenxin a.jpg
Lao Wen Xin
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: Variable geometry multi nozzle assembly for construction additive manufacturing

Lee Jia Min
Email: JIAMIN002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: CAE Lab 2
Thesis topic: Analysis of fluid behaviors in 3D printing within non-Newtonian fluids

Le Tan Phuc
Location: N3.1-B2-02
Thesis topic: A novel design of 3D printer for full microstructure control in polycrystalline metals
Li Shu Fan
Email: LISH0024@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Control & instrumentation - computational intelligence

Liew Wen Loong, Andy
Location: N3.2-01-32
Thesis topic: Vascularization of 3D tissue engineered constructs using laser-based printing technology

Lim Chin Huat Joel
Email: CLIM063@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: Multi-material 3D printing by combination of multi-wavelength laser beams

Lim Chong Heng
Email: LIMC0199@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-13
Thesis topic: Reduction of residual stress in parts produced laser beam powder bed additive manufacturing process
Liu Zhixin
Email: LIUZ0053@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Heat and mass transfer
MunJi Photo a.jpg

Low Munji
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: Hybrid 3D printing by combining subtractive and additive manufacturing using ultrafast laser pulses

Lu Qing Yang.png
Lu Qingyang
Location: N3-B1C-03
Thesis topic: In-situ monitoring of the selective laser melting process

Ma Wai Cheung
Email: M180019@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: SC3DP Researchers’ Room (Blk N3-01c-10)
Thesis topic: Bioprinting: A novel hybrid 3D bioelectronics platform for tissue engineering and medical technology
Mohit M 1.jpg
Mohit Mehndiratta
Location: N3.2-B3M-02
Thesis topic: Optimization based control of additively manufactured UAVs
Nicholas Tham
Email: THAM0145@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Investigations into sequential illumination and phase engineering for 3D printing
​Ninian Ho
Email: HO0009AN@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: The topological design and mechanical behaviour of metallic porous structures by additive manufacturing

Pae Jian Yi

Email: PAEJ0001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Research and development of 3D printed periodic and aperiodic features with targeted visible-NIR wavelength band sensor applications
Pojchanun Kanitthamniyom.JPG
Pojchanun Kanitthamniyom
Location: N3-B3C-21
Thesis topic: Developing magnetic digital microfluidic platform for biomedical applications using 3D printing and chemical modification
Quah Tan Kai Noel
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Thesis topic: Vision feedback on freeform-shaped structure 3D printing
Nitipon  1.jpg
Saengchairat Nitipon (Tah)
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Studies of suspension droplet evaporation on soft substrates for stretchable electronics applications
Sean Suen Kang Qiang
Email: SEAN0021@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-10
Thesis topic: Development of a novel “bio-ink” for 3D printing

See Yao Song
Thesis topic: Enhanced flow boiling heat transfer with geometrical structures fabricated by 3D printing and advanced manufacturing techniques

Shukri Bin Abdul Jalil
Location: N3.2-01-32
Thesis topic: 3D printing of optimized cushioning structures

Stanley Wong Jian Liang
Location: SC3DP Researchers' Room
Thesis topic: Numerical simulation of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process
Sun Zhongji 1.PNG Sun Zhongji
Email: zjsun@ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of austenitic alloys with high strength and high ductility by selective laser melting
Tan Hong Wei 1.jpg
Tan Hong Wei
Location: N3-B3B-05
Thesis topic: Development of sintering processes and applications for 3D printing of electronics
Tan Jiaying Lisa
Location: N3-B3B-05
Thesis topic: Development and optimization of polymeric nanocomposites for selective laser sintering

Tan Jie Lun
Location: N3-B3C-21
Thesis topic: Multiple material additive manufacturing platform

Tan Kwang Jiang, Morris
Location: HW3-01-01
Thesis topic: Supply chain contract design for additive manufacturing

Tan Pengfei 1.jpg
Tan Peng Fei
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Multiscale modeling of additive manufacture-laser welding processes for marine and offshore applications
Tan Yu En.jpg Tan Yu En
Location: N3.2-01-32 
Thesis topic: A cognitive functional model for developing reasoning and problem solving mechanisms in 3D design and additive manufacturing

Tay Jie Hao
Email: TAYJ0045@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N1.3-B2-02
Thesis topic: 3D Printing of Composites

Tey Cher Fu
Location: N3.2-01-32
Thesis topic: Multi-materials additive manufacturing of titanium and copper alloy via selective laser melting

Andrew Ting Guan Heng.jpg
Ting Guan Heng, Andrew
Email: TING0046@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3-01C-10
Thesis topic: 3D printing of recycled glass
Toh Wei Quan
Location: N3.1-B2B-02
Thesis topic: Investigation of microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of 3D printed metal structures for biomedical and aerospace applications

Vuong Quoc Nghia
Thesis topic: Robotic vision for monitoring the concrete 3D printing process
Wang Cheng Cheng
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Development of new materials for electron beam melting additive manufacturing process

Wong Shun Yin Wendell
Email: WENDELLS001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Location: N3.2-B2-02M
Thesis topic: Computational modelling of selective laser melting process

Wu Wen Jin
Location: HW1-01-05
Thesis topic: Additive manufacturing of high tensile strength steel for offshore and marine 3D complex joint applications

Yang Wen Jing
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Sound absorption of a graded-designed micro-perforated panel manufactured by additive manufacturing

Yeoh Yong Chen
Location: N3-01C-10
Thesis topic: Decoupling part geometry from microstructure in directed energy deposition technology: towards reliable 3D printing of metallic components
Yunus Govdeli 1.jpg
Yunus Govdeli
Location: N3.2-B3M-02
Thesis topic: Design, modeling and prototyping of a lightweight 3D printed fixed–wing VTOL UAV

Zeng Zhuohong
Thesis topic: Application of design methodologies and tools for novel design and redesign of metal additive manufacturing products for marine and offshore applications
Zhang Meng 1.jpg
Zhang Meng
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Fatigue analysis of components made by laser power bed fusion additive manufacturing technique
Zhang Xu
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Development of robotic techniques for concrete 3D printing in bui​lding and construction

Zhou Aiwu
Thesis topic: 3D-printed micro magnetic tools for magnetic digital microfluidics
Zhou Yi
Location: N3.2-B2-02
Thesis topic: Thermal performance of three-dimensional printing materials

Zhang Yong Jie
Location: N3-01C-10
Thesis topic​: A data driven design strategy to improve quality in additive manufacturing